Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Open letter to Lau family

TO: Mr.Lau Chee Say, Mrs.Tey Seok Ngoh (grand father & grand mother), Mrs.Sue Tan Soo Hwa (Auntie) and her son Mr. Lau King Wei, Mr. Lau Fong Kwong (Uncle), Mr. Thomas Lau Fong Meng(uncle)

You must realise that if you do not really know where about of Kenichi and Ms, Lau Ping Leng Why don't you make missing police report till now?

Kenichi who is seriously sick suddenly disappeared with mother.
If you don't care them, you are not fit to be care taker of Kenichi as family members.

It prove that you can contact mother (Ms.Lau Ping Leng) otherwise you must be extremely anxious and surely you should have made missing police report. It is so obvious.

I presume you do know their where about.
How could you claim that you know nothing about it?

I shall never give up to search Kenichi and provide his transplant operation and medical treatment for relapse of cancer which you made him suffer. It is not about money this is matter of his life. If medical doctors are able to save his life, I shall provide the best medical treatment.

There are Laws to protect poor Kenichi.
All of you have no right to kill Kenichi without medical treatment. His last treatment at SJMC was 01/11/2008. He is suffering by now without any proper medical treatment for a month.

I shall contend forever. I have my full right as his father.

Ms. Lau Ping Leng is violating Act611, Child Act 2001 and all of you are assisting to do so.

It is not first time. It happened on 06/2006 for about a month, 06/2008 till 27/10/2008 for 4 months and 02/11/2008 till now. All of you have intervene his medical treatments.

Please take him back to U.M.M.C. immediately.

Friday, 28 November 2008


It is clearly state that Ms Lau Ping Leng must provide medical treatment for Kenichi.

Failing which she is liable to a fine not exceeding RM20,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years or both.
Her supporter also liable to a fine not exceeding RM5,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or to both.

Since Kenichi has not been provided cancer treatment for 27 days, I shall appeal to Malaysia Government,Police, Welfare office to take immediate action before they manage to murder Kenichi.

Even Professor has explained to welfare officer Yesterday that Kenichi shall not survive any longer without medical treatment. So they have full knowledge that Kenichi will be going to die without cancer treatment.

It will be too late if authority take action against them later. Most priority is to search Kenichi immediately and provide medical treatment which are Police & Welfare duty and power to do so.

They have power to investigate, arrest without warrant, search without warrant, examine person, Inspection,Obstruction.
All the power they have to protect Kenichi but why they don't take action till now?

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

I am sorry Ken

I am really frustrated and anxious about you. I know by now, you are suffering from fever and swollen body, extreme pain and discomfort.

I am really sorry I still cannot find you and provide relapse of cancer treatment.
I have been running everywhere to find you and try to save you.

We have confirmed Kenichi cannot survive without any medical treatment.
Mother & her family are just waiting for you to die by hiding you somewhere.

You are fully protected by Child Act 2001.
Ken you are fully protected by Malaysian law but no proper enforcement system to save you in Malaysia.

Just Kidnap Kenichi and hide him to wait to die.
What is that? Is not crime in Malaysia? Is it family issue?
Mother and immediate family allowed to kill Poor Kenichi in Malaysia?
Playing with small innocent boy's life?

If Kenichi has been confirmed by doctor that they cannot do anything then it is totally understandable to try out any kind of alternative treatment
However Professor confirmed that he has 30-40% chance of cure rate, then we must send him back to U.M.M.C. Kenichi can be saved by U.M.M.C

Member of Lau family has no right to kill Kenichi. I am not agreed to abandon his medical treatment.
So what law apply to allow them to kidnap and kill Kenichi?

Are they allowed to walk out from this issue when they send in Kenichi at last minute to hospital?
Really unbelievable that no one can help poor Kenichi without medical treatment for 24 days. They never send him back to provide him second treatment of relapse of cancer on 09/11/08 so last medical treatment was on 01/11/08.

According to Prfessor Wan Ariffin Bin Abdullah, Kenichi life expectation will be around a month without medical treatment, According to Japanese doctors, a few months without medical treatment for relapse of cancer.

This is a good news to Ms.Lau Ping Leng and her family, But it is nightmare to Kenichi & me.

We know Lau family are kept eye on this blog.
Please send him back to U.M.M.C today.
Kenichi desperately needs his medical treatment for relapse of cancer.

Ken, Daddy beg you
Try to survive till I find you.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Thank you for your help DDG Enterprise

Volunteer and myself distributed Missing notice to some area of USJ & Subang.

When we enquire your service you offered us your free distribution service.
I was offered free 30,000 copy distribution by leaflet distribution service company DDG ENTEPRISE.

Thank you Miss Wong and DDG Enterprise. I really appreciate your great help.

I hope your sincere assistance will help my son to go back to U.M.M.C.

I really miss you Ken


I really didn't realise that mother had stopped your cancer treatment at this point of time. You only had 6 more months to complete your treatment. I believed you will have bright future from next year. Who could imagine that your mother could have stopped your cancer medical treatment. I should have checked U.M.M.C more frequently so that I could have saved you much earlier. I am really sorry Ken, I never thought your mother and family are so extreme.


It was sometime after your mother lost her adoption petition. She has agreed my visitation right at court but we had so much difficulties meeting up. We can only play at car porch just like you are prisoner.


You looked fine to me. You are getting improved.


When we managed to send you back to U.M.M.C. after your mother & family refused to provide you medical treatment. Since then your mother & family became weird and influenced by spiritual cult. But it was only one month they interrupted your medical treatment so you did have great chance of full recovery.


When you are found out your Leukaemia (Blood cancer) at University Malay Medical Center.
It was nothing to worry about you since Professor and doctors have explained us that you have great chance of survival & cure rate. Even I have checked with Japanese Leukaemia specialist that Professr Wan Ariffin bin Abdullah is the best Leukaemia specialist in Malaysia. That why I have decided not send you back to Japan.



Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Mrs. Sue Tan Soo Hwa

This is Ms.Lau Ping Leng sister- in- law
Mrs. Sue Tan Soo Hwa

(Mother of Mr. Lau King Wei)

House: No3, Jalan USJ 16/3C, Subang Jaya. TEL:03-80244203 mobile: 016-3666723

Office: Bestronic Sdn. Bhd. No.21, USJ 7/30D, Subang Jaya.

She has left her car (Proton Satria: BET3363) in front of her house (No3, USJ 16/3C) since last week and all most probably helping Ms.Lau Ping Leng to hide Kenichi together.
We are trying to reach her mobile but she never pick up.

You are also mother of Mr.Lau King Wei.
Have you ever refused to provide medical treatment to your son?
Why do you need to help Ms.Lau Ping Leng to stop Kenichi from getting cancer treatment?
How can you ask your son to involve this issue?

Please contact Chief Inspector Sulaiman 019-370-7100 or 03-5633-2222

To Lau Family and Supporter of Lau Family

Professor Wan Ariffin Bin Abdullah who is Leukamia specialist from University Malaya Medical Centre clearly stating here that Kenichi will not survive without proper medical treatment for relapse of cancer. HIS SURVIVAL CHANCE IS ZERO.

So how could you explain Ms.Lau Ping Leng and family are providing alternative treatment?

With their alternative treatment resulted relapse of cancer.
If It really effective how do you explain?

He has chance to survive 30-40% now. So why not we try?
No cancer treatments mean his death.
You must understand it.

If they have never stopped his medical treatment on June/2008 by now only one month to complete his cancer treatment, he could have survived much longer.

If doctor confirmed ZERO percentage with medical treatment, then it is totally different story.

You must be reasonable. Thus we have chance to save Kenichi still but as I mentioned already 17days without medical treatment by now chance is getting worse.

We don't have much time, Please I beg you to return to UMMC now.

Please do not bring up nonsense issue to protect Lau Family's unreasonable alternative non medical treatment.

If any one can prove effectiveness of alternative treatment then we must discuss.

We are living in 2008 not in thousand years ago.

Why Lau family are so stubborn?

It is not first person to stop providing cancer treatment.
It is actually 2nd person to do so. I better say my son is 2nd victim.

It is time to bring up this issue.
I have been writing with all the supporting document till now but this blog is only with what I known but if anyone investigate it will be able to prove it.

Mr. Lau Fong Sheng passed way on 23/09/2007. He is eldest brother of Ms.Lau Ping Leng.
He was also cancer. His last stage cancer was found out sometime on August/2007.

So obviously they did not provide any cancer treatment for him. He was pulled out from hospital and let him waited to die. He is adult so he can agree for his treatment procedure. But generally family will try to help patient with every possible way of treatment but Lau family was different.

They got away with it so they think that they have licence to kill anyone.

Somehow Mrs. Sue Tan Hwa helping Ms.Lau Ping Leng this time. Even we believe she is with them. We are trying to call her mobile (016-3666723) but never picked up.

My son does not know anything about cancer. He cannot consent his choice of treatments.
His cancer is spreading to all over his body day by day.
We have chance to cure him but they are waiting him to die.

If they are right Why do they need to hide and wait for his cancer cells to kill all his good cells?

This is Not family issue, this is serious crime.
As I mentioned Kenichi is going to die without cancer treatment.
He has chance to survive if he can go back to UMMC but they are hiding my son and make sure to spread cancer cells to be all over his body in order for him to die soon.
You cannot refuse to provide medical treatment with knowledge of death result.

Do you still think Mother and immediate family member has right to do so?
Kenichi has chance to survive with proper medical treatment?

I shall not complain if Kenichi has ZERO chance to survive with cancer treatment.
He has 30-40% chance right now. of course chance has dropped from 70-80% since they have stopped UMMC treatment since June/2008. IF THEY NEVER STOPPED KENICHI'S CANCER PROBABLY NEVER RELAPSE.

Yes, They will send Kenichi to hospital soon but only after cancer cells are all over and by time doctors are unable to treat him anymore. That is their tactics so they can claim they did send into hospital.

Real nightmare I know what they are up to but cannot do anything.
It is matter of time. Already 17days without medical treatments since he was discharged from SJMC.

Kenichi must be suffering from high fever, swollen body, Pain.....
Pity, Too much unnecessary punishment for him by own mother and family.

Monday, 17 November 2008

To Malaysian people

I have met Professor Wan Ariffin Bin Abdullah at University Malaya Medical Centre this morning.

He has confirmed that Kenichi will die about within one month and survival rate is zero without any proper medical treatment.

Even with medical treatment for relapse of cancer, Cure rate will be dropped from 70-80% to 30-40% only Since Ms.Lau Ping Leng and family stopped his medical treatment since June/2008.

I beg all Malaysian to look for Kenichi

He needs immediate medical treatment now.

I am sorry to say that if welfare office and police had taken proper action before this never happened. Your country is something wrong with government servant.
Yes, Children Act and related law exist in Malaysia but never enforced properly.

I hope it will never happen to any one any more.
If it happen to you, You should know no one will help you in Malaysia.

This is matter of time now we have only a month left.
Possibility of hiding in Subang area is very high, please please look for them.

Please please save Kenichi

Contact Chief Inspector Mr. Sulaiman 019-370-7100 or 03-5633-2222.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

To Lau family

My friends called up No3, Jalan USJ16/3C house (03-80244203) and manage to speak to Mr.Lau Chee Say (Grand father). He replied that he knows nothing.

Mind you, All of us knows that
Mr.Lau Chee Say, Mrs.Tey Seok Ngoh (grand father & mother),
Mrs.Sue Tan Soo Hwa (Auntie) and her son Mr. Lau King Wei,
Mr. Lau Fong Kwong (Uncle),
Mr. Thomas Lau Fong Meng(uncle)
helping Ms Lau Ping Leng (mother) to go hiding.

Why most of family need to refuse to provide proper cancer treatment?
Could you kindly explain to me or/and public for proper reason to refuse to save my son's precious life?

As I have been appealing if they know that my son will die without proper medical treatment mean all of you are trying to kill my son. If it happened in civilised country all of you are already arrested. I am sure anything happen to Kenichi you shall not get away even in Malaysia.

Why do you need to hide my son if you are taking care Kenichi properly?

All of you are not proper caretaker nor proper guardian.

Please send Kenichi to UMMC immidiately.